progear 555lxt review
Take pleasure in your cardio training more through setting exercise objectives on this Progear 555lxt recumbent workout bike. It functions with the numerous statistics developed into the system concerning range, pace, and many others to reach targeted goals and also times.

It provides an excellent offer for the price, amongst them is the 14 different resistance levels which run magnetically for a lot easier ride.

What does this particular machine provide you in a home fitness atmosphere when compared with some others? All of us have a look at the amazing specification to supply a checklist of a quantity of poor and good stuff discovered in the console, training features, and design.

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This Recumbent bike may be a bit more costly compared to a conventional upright bike, yet I have just found a truly inexpensive recumbent model which is perfect for small spaces due to the small design.

This particular bike continues to be produced by ProGear Fitness, who else are skilled in producing inexpensive exercise machines and also equipment for home, and also the particular model I am speaking about is the particular Magnetic Recumbent Bike that is completely new in 2017.

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Evidently, this particular bike is ideal for anybody around 250 pounds, and also anybody around 6’3 in their size. Therefore this particular cheap machine ought to be perfect for each woman and men, however, allow me just inform you regarding almost all of the benefits and features, and also talk about a few of the primary cons and pros to assist you to choose if it is worth purchasing this particular bike.

Number of Programs

It does not consist of any pre-set programs right here nor any assist provided in the bike manual


The precise dimensions can be 43 H x 22 W x 49 L

progear 555lxt resistance

Resistance Levels

The particular bike offers fourteen levels of the magnet resistance which is managed utilizing a tension knob just on the front post beneath the particular console. This specific can make it simple to fix the level objectively you desire to workout in or even return to an earlier setting.

Heart Rate

It comes with pulse sensors to monitor the heart rate
progear 555lxt seat


It has lengthy size cushioned seat to suit the users of all size

Maximum User Weight

The maximum User Weight of this product is only 250 lbs


The particular bike does not require to be attached to a power source. Additionally, the console is battery-run, and also will not manage the bike’s resistance at all.


One among the important features of this particular machine can be that it is compact and light, and to show this particular point, the complete weight of this specific machine is 60 pounds.

Product Weight

This particular bike weighs only 60 lbs
progear 555lxt pedals

Progear 555lxt Additional Features


This awesome recumbent bike offers a steel structure that is nicely constructed. Your item will never wobble or even shake while you are utilizing it. Additionally, this will never squeak or even create any sound that may awaken your family members or even your loved downstairs neighbors (for anybody dwelling in the residential complex).


This bike is smaller compared to numerous recumbent bicycles. Still, it can allow for persons of among 6 feet 3 inches or 5 feet effortlessly. Just utilize your seat to modify how short or long your leg length ought to be and then you are good to go.


It arrives partially complete. Almost all you have to do is finish the particular unassembled parts by using the extremely comprehensive manual including step by step instructions. No matter if you are handy with the tools or perhaps not, you ought to be in a position to finish off the assembly in less than an hour.
progear 555lxt footprint

Storage Space

555LXT offers a good small size that will not need a lot of storage space. Remember that this specific product doesn’t fold up.


  • It comes with a good seat and also backrest
  • It is very simple to adjust the resistance
  • It comes with goal setting alternatives
  • It is undoubtedly comfortable
  • It is quite simple to use
  • This bike is easily adjustable for different sizes
  • It has LCD display for tracking the progress of your workout session
  • It has integrated Smartphone, tablet and cup holder


  • Some parts of this bike may not be found upon the delivery
  • The tension of this bike may vary
  • It does not provide good customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: what are the storage sizes of it?
Answer: The footprint is 43 x 22.”

Question: Does it arrive inclusive of the moving wheels?
Answer: This recumbent bike includes 2 small rollers just on the front stabilizer bar regarding the simpler portability.

Progear 555lxt Consumer Ratings

In case you are seeking an inexpensive recumbent bike that does not give up quality, you happen to be certainly considering right item. The particular ProGear is an excellent bike, and also you will not repent if you make this investment. This bike scores above 4 stars online.

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Progear 555lxt

Progear 555lxt Price

For less than 200 dollars you truly cannot make a mistake with this particular exercise bike. Though it is relatively inexpensive, it continues to have good pedals, a comfy backrest and seat, goal setting function, adjustable tension, and also many other features that help to make it a valuable one.


The particular ProGear 555LXT might not consist of a few stand out from crowd features and also training options, however, what it provides is a good value for money. And you do not usually discover up to 14 resistance levels only at that cost which is excellent information for newcomers searching for entry level option. Almost all of the faults in the above list are almost all reasonably minor in almost all the honesty, and also the pros certainly offset the cons because this is a quite strong machine which is silent in function with safety to utilize.

Also it offers a variety of resistance to meet individuals of almost all fitness levels, and also is adjustable sufficient to be utilized by each woman and men.

Therefore even though this particular is nevertheless a pretty new model, this specific sounds a pretty good option in case you are trying to find a gentle and also small exercise bike which you may use in-house to shed some weight, enhance your fitness and also tone up the hip and legs.