Best Exercise Bike for Seniors
While we often think the opposite, exercise in old age is a necessity and not an option to be taken only by those who wish to. Staying physically fit after the age of 60 has several benefits to the body.  It keeps one functional and productive. It builds physical strength and maintains heart health. It helps battle several chronic diseases. To sum it up, it improves the quality of life.

However, when it comes to exercise and exercise equipment for seniors, one also needs to take certain precautions as a variety of health problems come into play. Physical weakness sets in and pushing the body beyond its capacity may cause serious injury. It is imperative that one chooses exercises and workout equipment tailored to the needs and ability of senior members.

If you’re out on the market to buy the best exercise bike for seniors, we would suggest stationary recumbent bikes. Learn more about the features that qualify recumbent bikes for seniors. Also, find recommendations for the best exercise bike for seniors right here.

Which is the best exercise bike for seniors?

Like we already mentioned above, the best choice of an exercise bike for seniors is the recumbent bike. Following are some of the advantageous features of recumbent bikes:

  • Physical benefits: Exercising on a recumbent bike makes for a complete cardiovascular workout. It improves posture and betters balance and stability. It strengthens the muscles of the lower body – the legs and thighs. It also improves flexibility. Working out in this manner also builds endurance and stamina. Another benefit of indoor cycling is the ability to maintain healthy weight. The revved up metabolism burns calories at a faster rate to shed the unwanted, unhealthy weight.

  • Low impact: Age weakens the joints. Higher intensity exercises such as running and brisk walking puts tremendous strain on the knee, hip and ankle joints causing pain. Recumbent exercise bikes are a low impact solution that engages and works out the leg muscles without putting stress on joints particularly the knees.  This reduces the risk of injury.

  • Reclined seat position: Recumbent exercise bikes also make the best exercise bike for seniors because of the reclined seat position they are constructed with. The seat distributes pressure proportionately and offers greater comfort and back support when exercising.

  • Positioning of the wheel: If you compare an upright exercise bike and a recumbent bike in terms of their design, you will notice that in the former the wheel is in line with the seat or slightly under it. On the contrary, the wheel on a recumbent exercise bike is placed in front. This stretches the legs and makes exercising less strenuous.

  • Another feature that makes it the best exercise bike for seniors is the hands-free design.  The firm seat offers adequate support and does not feel the need to engage your hands or any other part of your upper body. Thus, when working out on a recumbent bike, one can watch television, read a book or even work on a computer.

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What to look for in an exercise bike for elders?

Here are some of the pointers to keep in mind when shopping for the best exercise bike for seniors:

  • Seat size and adjustment: Recumbent bikes have a larger seat than upright bikes. However, you need to look for a seat in relation to your body proportions. Too large or too small a seat will not offer optimum back support.  Also, the seat should be easily adjustable; should be able to adjust the degree of recline to your comfort.  It should allow you to adjust the seat to your height as well.

  • Bright, electronic display:  The display should be clear, large, bright and easy to read.  You should be able to read your workout statistics at a glance.

  • Easy programming: The controls must be located in a convenient location. It should enable adjustment to your fitness levels.

  • A heart rate monitor, odometer and resistance control: These features will not only make your workout safe and challenging but also customized to your needs. A heart rate monitor will ensure you do not cross the target heart rate. Magnetic resistance systems help to adjust speed and resistance levels. An odometer will track your mileage.

  • Level of complexity: There are fancy options as well as those with very simplistic designs. You should choose a level of complexity that you are comfortable using. Although all exercise equipment comes with an instruction manual, the device you choose should be simple for you to use.

  • Cost: The best exercise bike for seniors need not be the most expensive. Price is usually determined by the add-on features incorporated by the manufacturers. There are simple yet very effective designs that start at $200. You can get them cheaper at a sale. Choose a recumbent bike that suits your needs and your budget.

  • A test run: We know it is exciting to finally get home an exercise bike you’ve been eyeing for so long, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to give it a test run. In fact, it will guarantee you the best exercise bike for seniors.  Test the machine at the store. Observe if you experience difficulty getting on or off the bike.  Also, check for comfort level when pedaling at a moderate speed.

Recommendations for the Best Exercise Bike for Seniors

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Exerpeutic 900XL
Exerpeutic 900XL is a recumbent stationary bike offers challenging cardiovascular workout while minimizing stress on your joints and back. And this is the reason why it is best bike for elderly.
It boasts of features such as eight-level Magnetic Tension Control System,large easy-to-read LCD display,Pulse Sensors, large Oversized seat cushion & back rest for users of any size.

 Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent BikeClick for latest low price

Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike

Sole Fitness R92 is an affordably-priced option in the range of recumbent bikes. Users with foot or joint troubles will appreciate this Recumbent bike design. Sole Fitness R92 design naturally alleviates stress on the body, and it come with additional ergonomic touches include patented two-degree inward slanted pedals, a padded seat, and lower back-supporting backrest. In addition to this, it offers features such as six standard programs, two custom programs, and two heart rate programs; nine-inch LCD console and built-in fan.

 Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike (2016)Click for latest low price

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike (2016)
Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike has unique selling point for seniors because it come with 20 levels of computer controlled resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options. On top of that, it provide relaxed riding position when using a heart rate program with its’ ergonomically placed grip heart rate

A general tip: speak to your doctor before including an exercise bike in your exercise routine.
So, buy a recumbent exercise bike. It is the best exercise bike for seniors. Start exercising today to stay fit, stay healthy!