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Painful knees and a troublesome back are the main reasons why a vast majority of persons abstain from exercising. The excruciating pain in the joints does not allow them to enjoy their workout. Hence, hardly two days along, we find many quitting.

As we are all aware, exercise guarantees multiple benefits to the body. It tones the body by accelerating fat burning in the body. It strengthens the heart and the lungs and enhances cardiovascular health. Regular exercise has also been linked to good sleep and digestion.

So that people suffering from back and knee pain do not miss out on the advantages of exercising, the fitness industry has churned out several low impact machines to cater to their needs. These machines allow them to exercise without putting excessive strain on the already injured and inflamed joints.

The humble exercise bike features in the list of exercise equipment designed for people with arthritic knees. However, even within the category of exercise bikes, not all bike models are recommended for those with painful limb joints. Learn about the best exercise bike for knee problems right here. Also, get tips to choose the best exercise bike for knee problems.

Which is the Best Exercise Bike for Knee Problems?

When it comes to considering the best exercise bike for knee problems we cannot miss out on a description of the two main types of exercise bikes available on the market.

While looking up best exercise bike for knee problems, you must have come across two important terms as part of model names: upright and recumbent. These are the two primary types of exercise bikes. The labels aptly describe their designs or structure.

An upright bike is a bike designed in an upright position with the pedals positioned beneath the hips – similar to a normal bicycle. The seat is also smaller. A recumbent exercise bike has a wider seat in a semi-reclined position with back support. The pedals are in front and not beneath the seat.

Although low impact, upright exercise models can also be used by persons suffering from knee ailments though generally it is not regarded as the best exercise bike for knee problems.  Its counterpart, the recumbent bike, earns the honor as the best exercise bike for knee problems because of its ergonomic design. A recumbent exercise bike places the rider in a supine position.  This laid back position equally distributes lower body weight across the entire seat, controls hip movements and provides optimum back support as the rider pedals. The forward positioning of the pedals also reduces the amount of strain applied to the knee joint.

For all these reasons, physicians recommend the recumbent and not the upright model as the best exercise bike for knee problems. Recumbent bikes are also used to speed up recovery in case of a knee injury or knee surgery.

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Tips to Buy the Best Exercise Bike for Knee Problems

Among jogging, walking and cycling, only the last is recommended for those complaining of knee pain. Cycling looks strenuous but, in reality, it is not. Moreover, the correct equipment contributes to making an exercise routine less taxing. So, here are a handful of hints to help you choose the best exercise bike for knee problems:

  • The exercise bike you buy should allow you to adjust the seat to a comfortable height. Also, before you start exercising, the seat should be set to an optimum height. To do so, place one pedal at the lowest point. Then stretch out one leg; the knee should not be bent and the foot must be flexed. Your foot should touch the pedal in the sitting position. This is the optimum seat height for you.

  • Seat size and comfort is another aspect to be factored in. Most recumbent models have a larger seat if compared to the upright ones. However, the size alone does not guarantee 100% comfort. Flat, hard seats make for a miserable workout experience. Hence, try the seat before you purchase it. If you are unhappy with the seat you can change it out completely if this is an option on the bike you are considering.

  • When you go shopping for the best exercise bike for knee problems make sure you wear the shoes you will wear to work out on the bike.

  • Consider selecting a bike that offers good lumbar support.

  • Resistance levels are another area we cannot overlook when buying the best exercise bike for knee problems. Bikes featuring multiple resistance levels allow for a comfortable and customized workout.  You can start at a lower resistance level and gradually level up.

  • Check the weight level the exercise bike model is most compatible with.

  • For a well-rounded workout you can look for other features such as a heart rate monitor, the speedometer, calorie counter, book rack, headphone jack and water bottle holder.

Recommendations for the Best Exercise Bike for Knee Problems

Listed below are two recumbent exercise bike models. These models have received rave reviews from users and are featured among the best exercise bikes for knee problems in online stores.

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MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser
This exercise bike model from MagneTrainer is are used extensively in many therapy clinics, nursing homes and even hospitals. The selling point is Smooth pedal motion that is a must for physical therapy and is healthy for the joints.

You can set the resistance on the MagneTrainer to any value within it’s very wide range. The MagneTrainer is a bidirectional exercise bike. And you can pedal it forwards or backwards. During therapy, therapists often have you pedal forwards and backwards in order to strengthen the muscle.

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Drive Medical Exercise Peddler

Next in the list of best exercise bike for knee problems is Drive Medical Exercise Peddler. The Exercise Peddler from Drive Medical provides great low-impact exercise with adjustable tension that allow you to set the ideal resistance level for strengthening your legs and improving blood circulation. This exercise bike is also fitted with Four anti-slip rubber pads to prevent sliding and protect floor.

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Eva Medical Pedal Exerciser Gun-Metal Silver

Eva Medical Pedal Exerciser have 4 advantages as below:
Low impact exercise to support muscle toning during physiotherapy.

You can adjust the strength of resistance based on your therapy need.

Made with single strong chrome frame construction to avoid rickety and shaky during use like other multi piece equipment.
Non-skid ribbed rubber platform provide firm and security placement on any floors.


Using the wrong equipment aggravates knee and back trouble.  So, review the equipment you’ve been using till date. If it does not fit the template design mentioned above, buy the best exercise bike for knee problems today. Our only advice to you is exercise safely and painlessly.