Marcy Recumbent Mag CycleEverywhere you go, you hear people reiterating the need for regular exercise. You too are aware that a healthy diet combined with regular exercise spells good health. But, where is the time and money to exercise at the gym?

The market is flooded with exercise bikes in different price ranges. If you are looking for an exercise bike at a more affordable price point, you can read on to know more on the best exercise bike under $500. They are not as sophisticated as high-end models but adequate enough to help you enjoy a comprehensive workout program.

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The benefit of exercise bike?

The first benefit that comes to mind when we think of exercising is weight loss. This is often the primary reason why people take to exercise but not the only one. Exercising helps to:

  • Maintain cardiovascular health: Bike riding is included in the category of aerobic activity. It engages the heart and the lungs and it pumps blood and oxygen throughout your body. It strengthens the lungs and the heart and improves cardiovascular health. It increases oxygenation of blood and promotes blood circulation. In doing so, it enables the body to burn calories at a faster rate. The cardiovascular workout also keeps a number of serious illnesses at bay such as heart ailments and diabetes.
  • Strengthens core muscles: Working out on an exercise bike strengthens important muscle groups, from the abdomen down. It braces the muscles of the legs such as the calves, the hamstrings, the glutes and the quadriceps. It does so without putting excess strain on the knee and ankle joints – the intense pressure exerted when performing exercise activities such as jogging, running or brisk walking. Cycling also builds stamina.
  • Lose weight: Exercise bikes are a great way to lose weight. Based on weight, the intensity of the exercise and the rate of metabolism, you can lose around 400-500 calories per hour on the average. You can maximize weight loss by making your workout more challenging.
  • Tone your body: By shedding unwanted extra bulges, it keeps you fit and in shape.

How to choose the best exercise bike under $500?

Irrespective of the price range, there are certain features common to all exercise bike models. These need to be carefully scrutinized before buying an exercise bike.

Types of exercise bikes

Exercise bikes differ in their design and construction. There are two main types of exercise bikes: upright and recumbent bikes. The upright bike is very similar to a traditional cycle and has a vertical orientation while a recumbent bike has a reclined seat position with a back rest. Each exercise bike has a set of advantages and disadvantages. More on the advantages are discussed below.

Your physical needs

Buying the best exercise bike under $500 is not only about suiting a bike model to your budget. It also implies suiting it to your physical needs. This is where the distinction between an upright and a recumbent bike actually comes into play. For example, if you want to lose weight, you should go for an upright bike (because it offers higher intensity). However, this may not be the best exercise bike under $500 for you if you suffer back and knee pain. You will require a recumbent bike which is low impact and offers better body support. Thus, you have to weigh the available options according to your physical needs. The sales staff at the store will guide you in this respect.

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Standard features

The first in this category is the seat. There is no one size fits all. When at the store you can try out various exercise bikes to determine which seating arrangement is the best for you. The seat must be adjustable to a person’s height (this is a very important feature to consider if the exercise bike will have multiple users).

The next is the resistance type. There are three main types of resistance: friction resistance, magnetic resistance and electromagnetic resistance. The last is a feature in high-end commercial exercise bikes. So you may rarely find a bike with electromagnetic resistance in the list of best exercise bikes under $500. The bike should also have varying resistance levels to enable you to customize your workout to your fitness levels.

The heart rate monitor is a good feature to have on an exercise bike. Cycling elevates the heart rate. An elevated heart rate, beyond the normal limit, could be dangerous. A heart rate monitor helps monitor your heart rate during a workout. Lower priced models generally ship with hand grips instead of chest straps.

The pedal should be broad enough to accommodate your foot comfortably. The pedals should have a toe case or a strap to hold your foot in place and keep it from slipping. Every exercise bike has an LCD display, so what you need to consider is its readability. If you wish to look for other features such as a book case or a water bottle holder, then by all means do so.

Build quality

Whether you’re out to buy the best exercise bike under $500 or above $1000, you should examine the build quality of the exercise bike. It should be durable. It should be constructed of good material that will possibly sustain regular wear.

Ease of Operation

The exercise bike should be easy to setup and operate. Adjustment and programming should be convenient.


Test the stability of the bike before buying it. It should not shake or wobble when in use. A heavier model is always the best option in this regard. However, it should not be so heavy that it impedes mobility.

Recommendations for the best exercise bike under $500

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Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle

Trying to stay fit does not always have to be expensive and the Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle proves it. This bike is sturdy enough to take up to 300 pounds. It features a step-through design, an adjustable seat and console.

 Stamina 5325 Magnetic Resistance Upright Exercise BikeClick for latest low price
Stamina 5325 Magnetic Resistance Upright Exercise Bike

This best exercise bike under $500 model is suited for low impact exercises. It has a large, padded seat that is adjustable to any size. There are 6 preset fitness programs. Pulse sensors are incorporated into the handlebars.

These are only a few of the best exercise bikes under $500. You can visit Amazon and other online stores for a deeper insight into the features of these models.