Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-b0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike Reviews

This is how Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-b0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike reviews will help you-> Do you understand what pulls about making cash from the office? You do not obtain a lot of activities compared to just taking calls, or making, or reading, or typing and sitting that may in some way exercise you and so your entire body catch up with fitness and health.

After that, you will end up with loose bellies because you cannot stand as much as process your meal properly. Good, because of technological advancement for putting treatment for almost everything such as your requirement for a physical exercise while working in your office. Multitask with a tiny workout bike, therefore, you and even your wallet may become better in the same time. Attempt it with the Sunny Health and Fitness SF B0418 Magnetic Bike.

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In case you want an easy but efficient workout bike that is transportable this might be the best one for you. It is efficient while being stylish, smooth and also travel-friendly. This bike arrives with an LCD which shows the time, long distance and also the number of calories had been burned while you had been working out.

This particular small fitness bike permits you to obtain an extreme exercise anyplace you precede. It offers almost 8 various intensity levels to ensure that anyone having any fitness level can use it easily.

Number of Programs

It doesn’t have any programs


This bike includes an LCD display which displays time, distance, and also the number of the calories which you have burned.

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Resistance Levels

It offers 8 Resistance Levels

Heart Rate

This bike does not provide any contact sensors so that it can the heart rate can be monitor


This bike also provides an ergonomic seat which can give you the maximum comfort and even the large pedals are ready to ensure the safety for you.

Maximum User Weight

This bike can support as much as 220 Lb which is the optimum weight for the users.


It comes with 2x AA batteries which are required for the LCD display


The dimension of this bike is 21.7-L x 18.11-W x 14-H.”

Product Weight

It weighs in at 21lbs

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-b0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike Reviews Additional Features

  • Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-b0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike is fairly little which measures only 21.7-L x 18.11-W x 14-H” that may suit any desk or work desk. Just slip this small exercise bike below your workstation or even slip it up to the couch!
  • This mini bike is created of high-quality plastic material and also steel construction that is accountable for its durability. It may even support an optimum weight of the user about 220 pounds, which ought to cover the majority of users.
  • The pedals of this model arrive with straps for more security, stopping your feet to slide which may result in injuries. Remarkably, this bike may even be utilized for top body exercise through pedaling it utilizing your fingers.
  • This particular machine additionally arrives with the LCD display which shows ODM, time, pace, distance and also calories for you in order to monitor your physical fitness improvement, making you much more inspired.
  • It is additionally equipped with an outstanding and adjustable micro-tension to aid 8 levels of resistance for you to obtain extra challenge on your exercise and therefore you may have much more types of exercise to ensure that you will not get bored and stuck on just a one level.
  • This particular mini bike just weighs in at 21 pounds; however, it is nevertheless mounted with a handle for you to transport it very easily.
  • This bike is designed and manufactured by a recognized maker of inexpensive however efficient exercise machines; you may be certain that this mini bike is outfitted with the highest quality which you can take advantage of for a lengthy time.

 Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike, Gray

This Sunny Health and Fitness SF B0418 Magnetic Bike might convey you with the fundamentals however its price and size talks for its being standard. In addition, the efficient outcomes that this magnetic bike can offer and also can make it a worthwhile buy in the end. Whenever you would like to get something totally new in your dull office setting without needing to invest a lot of money, then that Sunny Health and Fitness SF B0418 is something which you should think about. And when you prefer to get one right now, click the BUY button and observe how it can easily bring the life back to your body consumed with stress.

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-b0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike Pros:
This bike features a handle to match the portability.
The pedals of this bike can work perfectly well with your both legs as well as hands.
The scan mode allows you to view all functions of display continuously
The big non-slip pedals comes with awesome textured design to give you the finest grip.
It includes high-quality plastic straps for securing your foot in position.
It weighs in at only 24lbs, which is heavy enough for staying in position while you exercise.
The bottom feet of this bike features a rubber lining in order to prevent slipping.


This bike has a limitation of weight of 220 lbs, which makes it impractical for the heavy weight individuals attempting to lose the weight
It has 14 inches high pedals, which can be the problem for the tall users
The LCD display is tough enough to understand in the beginning with less- helpful guideline provided

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can this bike be easily utilized for arms?
Answer: Definitely, this can be utilized for arms that are the reason why I purchased my own. Most fitness enthusiasts utilize all those for arms in the cardiac rehab.

Question: Can this be put on the carpet?
Answer: Indeed I utilize it on carpet however it slides a little therefore I pull this back.

Question: Do I need to put it together?
Answer: Slightly. They provide you the required instructions and tools to assemble it. It is quite easy to assemble.

Consumer Ratings

To tell the truth, customers or the users of this bike liked this too much and this is the reason you see a lot of positive reviews left on Amazon. I agree that there are some minor cons, but this is going to be the perfect one for your exercise. Amazing!

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Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-b0418


If you think that the price of this bike is extremely high, then I must say that you’re wrong. This is because; the high-quality features of this bike made it a best buy.

 Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike, GrayGet More Info

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-b0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike Reviews Conclusion

The Sunny bike range offers get among the most widely used on the internet. Sunny’s highest quality offerings, their excellent cost structure and also their exceptional after sales customer services have contributed to their achievement. Our favorite bike is obviously the sunny health and fitness sf b0418 magnetic bike that offers almost all of the top-end features you need, such as a 40-pound flywheel, in a price you can actually afford. Let me know about your thoughts and experience about this awesome bike in the comment box. Now, let’s enjoy this bike.