Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise BikeThe Marcy Me 709 Exercise Bike is an inexpensive gear for workouts which has 8 resistance levels. The particular tension-securing knob can make it simple for you to modify the resistance, therefore, you may have a tougher exercise whenever you would like to. You will learn more about Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike reviews here.

This bike doesn’t have pulse monitor, preset workout programs, and also other highly developed features much like more costly bikes.

Listed below you will discover a detailed review of Marcy Me 709 Exercise Bike. I did a great quantity of investigation regarding the equipment’s great points and also the problems that a few customers have observed. This ought to assist you in choosing if or not this particular workout bike will certainly match your health and fitness requirements.

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Number of Programs

This product does not have any preset workout programs; however, that does not avoid it from offering a highly effective exercise.


Throughout the low impact, relaxed workout, a monitor shows the number of calories from fat happen to be burnt off. And also the exercise speed, distance and time.

Resistance Levels

This exercise bike has 8 levels of the preset resistance which can make it simple for you to maximize or even minimize the strength of your exercise. The simple-to-adjust knob (tension tightening) enables the end user to swap from one level to another. This could not be any easier compared to that.

You will certainly be amazed that the budget bike such as the Marcy Me 709 provides sufficient resistance for you to have a much more strong exercise.
marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike review

Heart Rate

Marcy ME 709 Exercise Bike does not include a monitor for heart rate. In case you want to make use of one with this particular exercise bike, then you have to buy it at an additional price.


If comfort and ease are your best concern regarding the low priced exercise gear, you will certainly be happy to know that the Marcy Me 709 Exercise Bike is more comfortable.

The strep-through frame of this recumbent bike enables simple installation and dismounting. This is ideal for people who are uncomfortable utilizing a straight bike or even people who are dealing with a physical injury.

Maximum User Weight

The suggested weight limit of the upper user of this product is 300 pounds. Much weightier individuals say to use it without having an issue; however, it is a good idea to stick to the guidelines of the manufacturer.


The Marcy 709 Recumbent doesn’t need any electric power supply apart from only two AA batteries. Prepare yourself to get the batteries readily available before you obtain the product, and after that, you put them in whenever you have finished the set-up.


Marcy Me 709 Exercise Bike measures 55″ x 40″ x 25″

Product Weight

It weighs about 66-lbs

Additional Features

  • The Marcy 709 Exercise Bike offers eight levels of tension for a simple or perhaps challenging exercise
  • The changeable “tension tightening” knob allows the user increase or decreases the resistance level depending on their fitness goals or fitness level
  • The easy to use monitor displays the distance, speed, time and also the calories burned
  • The seat which is adjustable and also comfortable is sufficient for lengthier training sessions, and even it can easily support the users of any size, height and also body type
  • The bike comes with integrated transport wheels which mean you can move this easily from one place to another one
  • Based on the user guide, this particular exercise bike can allow the weight as much as 300 lbs
  • This workout bike is included with the adjustable foot straps to make sure that your feet stay secure at the time of working out

Marcy Me 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Pros

  • This bike comes with 8 noticeable resistance levels
  • This bike can be fine-tuned to match a variety of heights
  • This is simple to assemble in no time
  • The two places of the bars permit you to workout in various positions
  • It has simple step-through
  • This bike offers a seat at a fantastic size for sitting and for standing


  • This workout bike does not include a monitor for the heart rate
  • This bike does not include any pre-programmed workouts
  • You will find the adjustment difficult for different dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My body weight is nearly 350 pound. So, can I advantage of this recumbent bike for exercise?
Answer: This particular bike is sturdy. I purchased a couple of months, and my body weight is almost 360 pounds. I use it easily for the workout at home.

Question: Will it be challenging to alter from a level of the resistance to another one?
Answer: I have never encountered any issues with this particular recumbent up to now. Everything appears to be performing nicely such as the resistance.

Question: How durable is this bike?
Answer: This recumbent bike is durable, and I suggest it. It is going to assist the weighty users without shaking or breaking down. This is an excellent purchase.
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Consumer Ratings

Marcy-Me 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike is an excellent piece of gear for those who desire a no-frills workout bike which is simple on the price range. The handlebars, backrest, and seat can make your exercise adventure more comfortable.

On the whole, the Marcy Me 709 Exercise Bike feedbacks are good. Still, it is vital for me to say a troubling factor brought up by a user after using this product or reading Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike reviews to assist you to make the best choice.

Several current owners mentioned some issue regarding the inconsistent resistance of the pedal. This issue continues to be noted, and even the company delivered the consumer an alternative flywheel with brand new bearings and axle.

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Marcy Me 709


The Marcy 709 Recumbent Workout Bike is one of the highest quality recumbent bikes you will discover for the cost. To me this bike can be purchased at a low price compared to its high quality added features. You will feel that you got it at a fish-price and will be happy to get its outstanding advantages.


To sum it up, the amazing Marcy Me 709 Recumbent Workout Bike is an outstanding entry level bike for the cost. I have explained a-z about this awesome gear in Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike reviews. Most of the exercise bike users are satisfied with the overall performance and dependability of this particular exercise bike. And so, it is quite simple in my opinion to suggest it in front of large audiences. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. I will be happy to read them, and if possible, I will reply.